June 30, 2018

Submit Website – Bing Yahoo MSN AOL

Often new web developers think about submitting there website to google. Being that google is one of the worlds largest search engine on earth. It is often used around the globe in all sorts of languages. A key element many new or intermediate web developers often forget is these 4 search engines.


Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and Aol are using the Bing search engine api service

So what does this mean for me?
Since all 4 of these search engines are using the same services, this means your website rankings are the same on all search engines!
Another benefit is you will only need to submit your website to one place, the heart of the system using Bing Webmaster Tools

Having an account with the Bing Webmaster Tools provides a few benefits and gains for your website. Allowing you to submit your website, upload your XML Sitemap, and setting crawl control rate in which your website will receive the most traffic.
This is a good feature provide from bing, as crawlers can often times create website downtime. These crawlers can hog your webserver’s I/O Usage and processing power. leaving error 500 messages from your webserver and will be recorded saved into the search engines database resulting in Negative SEO.

If you have not submitted your website to the Bing’s Webmaster Tools service, we encourage you to do so! We are here to help and walk you through the steps from start to finish.
Step 1
If you have not done so already Visit the Bing Webmaster Tools Page

Link: https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster

Bing webmaster tools home page

If you never had an account with bing before you can sign up or login with one of the following services inside the image.
Bing webmaster tools login types
Chances are you are more likely to remember or to have an Microsoft account already for email services. If you do not have one, you can either use google login or facebook login.

Step 2 – Your Bing Webmaster Panel
After creating or logging into your bing webmaster account, you will need to submit your website. This is a pretty straight forward and simple process. The white bar at the top left of your screen is for submitting your website url. Example: https://platinum-seo.com
bing webmaster tools first time page
After clicking the “Add” Button, Bing will ask that you imput your full Website link pointing to your XML Sitemap.
Submit website with bing webmaster tools

If you do not have an XML Sitemap to your website? You can use our free XML Sitemap Generator Tool, it is capable of producing sitemaps for websites up to 5,000 pages.

The Final Step!
Now that you have finished submitting your website to the bing webmaster tools. Its time to sit back and have some coffee or tea. In the mean time, this will not all finish in the same day. But will get Bings Crawler reading and indexing your website. Here is an example image to a websites dashboard and statistics.
Bing webmaster website dashboard

Comparing Google and other search engines

Since google is a well known search engine, this is often the step 1 of mistakes you should avoid when submitting your website. Google’s algorithm consists of many following factors in order to arrive on any search results.
High Quality Backlinks
Domain Authority
Page Authority
Domain Spam History
Visitor & Bounce Ratio
Quality Content!

These are some of the high key elements to googles indexing services and crawling. Sure! you may have high quality content and a great article or blog consisting of 2000 words with proper grammar. Though your website is only 1 month old, this is where google will index and shuffle your website into the Google Sand Box. In order to rank the results in google, you need to follow the lead with the following requirements above. This will only consist of patience and time. Since the Google Panda update has been released in February, 2011. It has became much harder to find your website in the search results.
Competition is becoming more common and fierce. Creating quality content is key to succeeding in the google search engine results.

Why Bing Webmaster Tools?

By starting out submitting your website with the bing webmaster tools. Bing will index and provide search engine results to your website much faster, and more effective. Other benefits using Bing, this creates quality backlinks from there search results direct to your website. All search engines are interlinked in a way shape and form. By submitting your website to bing, your backlinks multiply by 4 or more! Because of Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and other Search engines used by Bing Services. These search engines have high domain authority, give your website a much more reputable domain authority to your own personal website.

So after some time has passed, and you decide to submit your website to google. The google crawler will notice that you have backlinks with the other popular search engines and will start putting your website and pages in its search results.

There are many useful benefits and features to use with the bing webmaster tools, and all search engine data is collected and used by the following 4 search engines. We hope this article will help you towards improving your websites value, reputation, increasing audience, and search results. Platinum SEO Tools does not guarantee anyone’s success as we do not have the control of your websites.
These blogs and support articles are available as tools and guidance to helping you with the world wide web.

June 20, 2018

Enable Cache the right way with Godaddy Cpanel

Setting up website caching, with GoDaddy Cpanel shared hosting.

Many web developers operating under godaddy shared hosting believe it is imposible to setup caching for there websites under godaddy shared hosting. The truth is, godaddy would love if you did enable caching for your websites! Being that godaddy is one of the largest shared web-hosting companies in its time, and is strongly favored by millions.

Although phone and online chat support can be a downfall, feeling the need to place your hopes in someone elses hands and crossing fingers that website caching works. Some support representatives will overall offer you to convert to there dedicated or vps hosting instead. Making webhosting a costly price.

You are here because you have tried to modify your “htaccess” file, or creating an “php.ini”. But are noticing your server response time is the same. (If not a little higher)

You may be using wordpress, and notice none of the caching plugins are working or improve your websites speed / performance.

Godaddy does offer caching with memcached and apcu with all of the shared hosting “linux CPanel” plans.
Cpanel hosting plans godaddy

In this support article, we will be using the following for our support blog.
– Godaddy Shared Hosting (Linux CPanel)
– WordPress Website

Here is the “How To” for enabling memcached.

First, go ahead and log into your CPanel if you have not done so already.
Godaddy cpanel main page

Scroll down the the lower end of the main page of your CPanel.
Software select php version
Under the “Software” settings click the Select PHP Version link.

Even though the image below specifies PHP 7.1, your PHP Version may be different. This is okay as PHP 7.1 is the newest php version however, most common php version is 5.4 and still commonly used.
Godaddy CPanel PHP Version Extensions
Next you need to look and verify the following extensions are checked. The following placements for the 2 extensions, “APCu” and “Memcached” will have a highlighted Orange line beside them.
If they are not checked, then do so with both boxes and click save changes.

Your Cpanel now supports caching and caching plugins for wordpress as well as many other php applications!

WordPress Caching

If you are looking for a reliable plugin with great reputation, we recommend W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache provides flexible options for many web developers, which can potentially suit your needs. Thus, allowing the option for “memcached”.

Keep in mind, after installing and configuring the W3 Total Cache plugin, this will add a few lines of code to your “htaccess” file.
To avoid any corruption and website downtime, double check and remove any added cache codes you may have entered prior to installing the plugin.

Platinum SEO Tools hopes these support blogs will help you and many other web developers, building better and more powerful websites.
If you have Godaddy linux shared hosting plans, and you are seeking help for your needs. Please feel free to visit our contact us plage, we will be happy to make an How To article.