June 26, 2018

Gatorade PickleFury Flavor

Should Gatorade create pickle flavor?

Its true, we all know Gatorade is an American manufacturer of sports-themed beverage drinks. Providing many different flavors carrying electrolytes and hydration.
But what if the company created such a shocking twist to there marketing and production?
Many athletes such as Matt Clapp. A Boise State football athlete loves the flavor of pickles.
Matt Clapp drinking pickle juice

Drinking a full jar of pickle juice!
Its not common for those who are in favor of the juice. Matter of fact, 4 out of 10 people drink or tolerate pickle juice. Making millions of people possible to interest of drinking such a product from Gatorade. Knowing Gatorade of having major success in the sports drink industry, there is no telling what kind of profits they could make in the industry today!

By Reacting to this post or posting a comment. This would be your response as a petition to Gatorade creating PickleFury!