June 30, 2018

Submit Website – Bing Yahoo MSN AOL

Often new web developers think about submitting there website to google. Being that google is one of the worlds largest search engine on earth. It is often used around the globe in all sorts of languages. A key element many new or intermediate web developers often forget is these 4 search engines.


Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and Aol are using the Bing search engine api service

So what does this mean for me?
Since all 4 of these search engines are using the same services, this means your website rankings are the same on all search engines!
Another benefit is you will only need to submit your website to one place, the heart of the system using Bing Webmaster Tools

Having an account with the Bing Webmaster Tools provides a few benefits and gains for your website. Allowing you to submit your website, upload your XML Sitemap, and setting crawl control rate in which your website will receive the most traffic.
This is a good feature provide from bing, as crawlers can often times create website downtime. These crawlers can hog your webserver’s I/O Usage and processing power. leaving error 500 messages from your webserver and will be recorded saved into the search engines database resulting in Negative SEO.

If you have not submitted your website to the Bing’s Webmaster Tools service, we encourage you to do so! We are here to help and walk you through the steps from start to finish.
Step 1
If you have not done so already Visit the Bing Webmaster Tools Page

Link: https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster

Bing webmaster tools home page

If you never had an account with bing before you can sign up or login with one of the following services inside the image.
Bing webmaster tools login types
Chances are you are more likely to remember or to have an Microsoft account already for email services. If you do not have one, you can either use google login or facebook login.

Step 2 – Your Bing Webmaster Panel
After creating or logging into your bing webmaster account, you will need to submit your website. This is a pretty straight forward and simple process. The white bar at the top left of your screen is for submitting your website url. Example: https://platinum-seo.com
bing webmaster tools first time page
After clicking the “Add” Button, Bing will ask that you imput your full Website link pointing to your XML Sitemap.
Submit website with bing webmaster tools

If you do not have an XML Sitemap to your website? You can use our free XML Sitemap Generator Tool, it is capable of producing sitemaps for websites up to 5,000 pages.

The Final Step!
Now that you have finished submitting your website to the bing webmaster tools. Its time to sit back and have some coffee or tea. In the mean time, this will not all finish in the same day. But will get Bings Crawler reading and indexing your website. Here is an example image to a websites dashboard and statistics.
Bing webmaster website dashboard

Comparing Google and other search engines

Since google is a well known search engine, this is often the step 1 of mistakes you should avoid when submitting your website. Google’s algorithm consists of many following factors in order to arrive on any search results.
High Quality Backlinks
Domain Authority
Page Authority
Domain Spam History
Visitor & Bounce Ratio
Quality Content!

These are some of the high key elements to googles indexing services and crawling. Sure! you may have high quality content and a great article or blog consisting of 2000 words with proper grammar. Though your website is only 1 month old, this is where google will index and shuffle your website into the Google Sand Box. In order to rank the results in google, you need to follow the lead with the following requirements above. This will only consist of patience and time. Since the Google Panda update has been released in February, 2011. It has became much harder to find your website in the search results.
Competition is becoming more common and fierce. Creating quality content is key to succeeding in the google search engine results.

Why Bing Webmaster Tools?

By starting out submitting your website with the bing webmaster tools. Bing will index and provide search engine results to your website much faster, and more effective. Other benefits using Bing, this creates quality backlinks from there search results direct to your website. All search engines are interlinked in a way shape and form. By submitting your website to bing, your backlinks multiply by 4 or more! Because of Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and other Search engines used by Bing Services. These search engines have high domain authority, give your website a much more reputable domain authority to your own personal website.

So after some time has passed, and you decide to submit your website to google. The google crawler will notice that you have backlinks with the other popular search engines and will start putting your website and pages in its search results.

There are many useful benefits and features to use with the bing webmaster tools, and all search engine data is collected and used by the following 4 search engines. We hope this article will help you towards improving your websites value, reputation, increasing audience, and search results. Platinum SEO Tools does not guarantee anyone’s success as we do not have the control of your websites.
These blogs and support articles are available as tools and guidance to helping you with the world wide web.

June 24, 2018

Ranking the search engines

Help and important tips with your SEO

Having an website for your business is now considered necessity factor. Specially when there are millions of users over the web using smartphones, laptops, and tablets to search for desires as simple as McDonalds. It is true anyone could have a website, but is it out on the web and favored by the search engines? In other words, are people finding your business and or website over the web?
Finding information about SEO How to’s and How not to’s can be very dramatic, content can be scarce and misinforming. We are here to give you key factors to helping you boost your reputation over the web.

Here are key factors for proper website SEO

Keeping an up to date layout – Having great looks and appearance to your website that can attract and keep visitors. The longer a user is on your website plus the more visitors you have, your websites domain authority will increase. Its always good to have a Clean, Responsive, and Appealing look.
Search Engines visualize your social media interaction – Having sharing or like buttons to popular social media sites such as facebook, google, twitter, and pinterest can provide many benefits. But there are some pros and cons that could come with using such scripts.
The cons to using social media buttons on the site tend to push your audience away if its in the way of the heart of your content or creates website clutter. There are many websites out there with 20 different social media links on every page, and web developers do not realize how it can drive there customers and audience away very quickly. Thus, slowing your website speed down as it has to load every icon, and the social media script.

The pros to having social media buttons, gives your audience opportunity to follow you over social media, creating some healthy backlinks to your website. It is important to know that when using social media links, use them wisely and make them organized and non cluttered.
Proper amount of text and content
What would you consider having a proper amount of text and quality content? Creating a balance of content and images creates a great and friendly website to the search engines. Having such little text per page, can be a downfall and cause search engines to not bother indexing and displaying your page or website overall. If you plan to write or blog about something for the day, set a goal to have up to 500 words a page along with a few pictures!
Titles and links matter
Your website title and page title are everything!
If you do not have either or, or both. Nobody will know what your website is about. Having an title is important, because it is the name and label of your website.
Copying from other websites
Its okay to have a writers block every once and a while, but it is NOT okay to copy content from other websites. Since the panda update of Google, google has expressed the sole purpose to providing a better user search experience by providing “Quality Content”. Yes, many of us tend to feel we need to just keep adding on to our blogs and websites and we do not know what to write about. But by adding copied written content, google has the Sandbox Algorithm and the Google Blacklist.

Google Sandbox

The sandbox is not all bad, its part of googles rules and algorithm to any new or non popular website. As long as you follow what google likes and the policy, you will be in googles gooooooooood graces! Having your website submitted for the first time with google, the sandbox algorithm is a setup for googles research team to view, review, and analyse your website, but still post your website in some of the search results.
By showing good quality content, and not copying other popular websites content, you too could be seeing yourself on the first page.

Google Blacklist

Part of googles blacklist is about seeking websites for suspicious and malicious activities. After being in the sandbox, and the google team has reviewed your website, code, and structure. They will determine if your website is worthy for the search results.
Making duplicated content (copying other website content) is one of those factors. If you are displaying copied articles on your website, google will mark you as an “Content Farmer” and will be blacklisted from there search results.
What is blacklisting, and what does it mean for me?
Blacklisting means you will not be able see your website even if you google your websites domain. Google will say in there webmaster tools, that your pages are indexed. But your website is marked in there blacklist and will not display your website or pages in the results. To making matters worse, your domain and sub-domains will be on the blacklist for up to 10 years. Resulting in just plain Negative SEO. At that point, it would be best to just buy a new domain and start over.
Not everyone is using google
Yes google is the largest search engine and web application service in the world. But did you know? a large percentage of people around the globe are using Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and Aol. This is about 35 Percent of the world using other search engines. As the best part is, all of them are using the Bing search engines servers! So your search results are the same regardless if it is bing, or yahoo. Who knew?

Avoid SEO Pay Marketers

Many SEO Marketers claim to providing two things. Getting your website on the first page of all search engines, and getting found on social media. While this sounds good and too easy to pass up, this can be a serious backfire. Having to pay vast amounts of money every month, in hopes that someone will contact your business and you make profit. Many small business owners are left burned when they realize after a few months, that there sales have not boosted or increased. Its important to know, when an SEO Marketer calls your business phone number and sells you SEO. Dont buy it or buy into it.

XML Sitemaps and User Accessible Sitemaps
While search engines recommend having an XML Sitemap, it is nice to have an user accessible sitemap. For real users to easily navigate around your website if they are looking for key things or needing to find something really fast. Its like having a paperless index for a book.

June 24, 2018

Striving for success

Our aim to making search engine optimization (SEO) easy with reliable platinum grade tools and services. Platinum-SEO provides simple, professional-quality analysis and critical monitoring for all of your websites. Designed tools intuitive with easy understanding. Platinum SEO helps thousands of small-business owners, webmasters and professionals improving their online presence. Your websites are worth more than gold!